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“Perfection” – A Report of our State Convention

James R. Horne, State Overseer

It’s hard to express in words just how abundantly the Lord blessed in this year’s annual State Convention! So many people have commented that this Convention was like those of old times. God’s anointing and power were surely there and the spirit of love and unity prevailed. The preaching was rich, the singing was inspired, and it ushered us into a glorious presence of worship. Our coordinators blessed us by delivering their hearts about their auxiliaries and the business of the Church was guided by Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, and went smoothly and with great harmony. There is anticipation and excitement in the air for what God is doing among us and for what lies ahead as we strive for “Perfection.” We were blessed by this theme for our Convention as well as by our special guest speaker, Sister Sharon Morrow of North Carolina. We thank the Lord for 208 registered.

Following are just a few thoughts from the State Overseer’s Annual Address:

“We have been amazed at how wicked our world has become in such a short time. But we can look up, for our redemption draweth nigh. It was under great trial and persecution that the early Church grew mightily. Difficult times should not hinder The Church of God. This is not a time to despair; it is a time to renew our faith! God is not taken by surprise.

“Pastors, keep the doctrine and Church message before our people. And for those who are not yet members of The Church of God, pray about it. Don’t wait too long to get on the Ark. Don’t wait for her to get perfect. Don’t look at where she is; look at where she’s going! Don’t wait while the flood waters are gathering—get on board and help us! Young people, why wait? Talk to your pastor. Will you be among the bride or will you not?

“Concerning offenses, there are offenses in our world about almost anything. The enemy of our soul loves to stir up offenses and he is doing his work, but in the Church we should have greater love and unity multiplying, not offenses. If we have an offence, let’s get it prayed through, follow the Bible steps and move on.

“I’d like to remind us that the Advice to Members is not Arbitrary. A harsh spirit will drive people away, but if we will embrace and live these things the Lord will draw them. Let’s not spurn what God has given; let’s embrace and love it. Our young people are the best around, but the devil would desire to destroy them through worldliness. Young people, live and love holiness and you will be a prize. Don’t lower the standard—raise the standard!

Let’s be reminded of what the Holy Ghost spoke to us through a message and interpretation in the Saturday evening session of Convention: “Yea, I say unto my people, thou art not forsaken. I have chosen thee. Thou art my remnant. I have set my affection upon thee. Worship me, worship me! I am coming soon. I will receive you because I love you and I care for you.”

Upcoming Events

August 14-17 – International Youth Camp in Arden, North Carolina

August 18-23 – General Assembly in Asheville, North Carolina

October 2-3 – Ministers’ Convention in Bessemer, Alabama

Special Help Requested

   We are approaching a landmark General Assembly with sig­nificant immediate and historical importance to The Church of God. As such, every member of The Church of God will undoubt­edly have the desire to gather together as the great “multitude of counsellors” in prayer and fasting to find the perfect will of God.

It is the desire of the Administrative Committee to see that all of our Overseers throughout the world attend this year’s Gen­eral Assembly. As you are probably aware, due to the high cost of travel, only half of our National Overseers are brought in for the Assembly each year. We would like to take this opportunity to make each of you aware of our intentions and allow you the opportunity to participate in our effort to bring in all of the National Overseers.

We are requesting that each individual, local church and state or region consider sending a love offering to General Headquar­ters to assist with the cost associated with bringing in all of the National Overseers. Because of the short time available for the necessary planning and preparation for travel, we are requesting that funds be sent in as soon as possible and clearly identified for the purpose of “Overseer’s Assembly Travel.”

Thank you for your kind consideration for this important need.

–Administrative Committee