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James R. Horne

Alabama State Overseer

P. O. Box 650

Bessemer, AL  35021

(423) 310-2702


The Church of God

General Headquarters

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Charleston, TN  37310

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Welcome to The Church of God!

The Church of God, International Offices located in Cleveland, Tennessee, is the worldwide headquarters of The Church of God. Our vision and mission is to keep and guard the truth, to evangelize the whole world with the full Gospel, to gather God's sheep into one Body, and to strive for the perfection of the saints.

This website is the home of The Church of God in the state of Alabama. It is our desire and endeavor to see the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of His Church grow and flourish throughout our state.

From our State Overseer:

Alabama State Convention Program

Friday Evening

7:00—  Welcome, Anointing of Program by ministry  and Official Opening of Convention by State

Overseer; Greetings by Host Pastor, Jerry Cox

7:05— Bible Pledge by Michael Farr

American Flag Pledge by Josh Letcher

Church Flag Pledge by Caleb Cox

Scripture Reading (Hab.2:2-3, Prov. 29:18) by Gene Hopkins

7:15— Congregational Singing led by District 3 (Central/Southern) — Jerry Cox

7:30— CPMA Boost (AL—100%) by Chris Cogburn

7:40— Alabama Evening Light and State Website Boost by Rebekah Horne

7:50— Offering for Guest Speaker

Offertory Special Song by Chuck Fender

8:00— Message: “The Vision is Yet for an Appointed Time” & Altar Call by Robert J. Hawkins

Saturday Morning

10:00— Concert Prayer led by Bishops

Scripture Reading (Joshua 4:5-7) by Betty Wilson

10:05— Congregational Singing led by   District 3 (Northwest) — Guye Sutton

10:15— Convention Address by State Overseer

10:45— “The Great Speckled Bird” led by Betsy Cox

10:50— District Overseer Testimonies — Brother Wallace  Brother Sutton,

Brother Cox (5 minutes each)

11:05— Offering for Convention Expenses

Offertory Special Song by Betty Baker

11:10— BTI Boost by Billy Allen

11:20— Evangelism Boost by Lynda Cook

11:30— New Field Coordinator Testimony by Jerry Cook

11:35— Special Song by Muse Family

11:40— Business Session: State Treasurer’s Report,

Q&S Report, W&M Report, F&A Report &  Camp Committee

12:15— Dismiss for Lunch

Saturday Afternoon

2:00— Concert Prayer led by Deacons

Scripture Reading (Deut. 7:6-8) by Charles Flippo

2:05— Congregational Singing led by District 2  (Northeast) — Jeremy Wallace

2:15— Message: “Remove Not the Ancient Landmark”  by Sam Kaufman

2:40— Special Song by Katie Horne & Mary Frances Cox

2:45— Coins for Missions March, WMB Boost,

Convention Mission Offering by Tennie Ridlespurge

3:00— Testimony by Wessie Robinson

3:05— Message: “Government”  by Randolph Gillens

3:30— Special Song by the Alabama Trio

3:35— Ladies’ Retreat Presentation by Kimmi Keel

3:45— Men’s Retreat Presentation by Brian Denard

3:55— Message: “Almost”  by Jason Wright

4:20— Dismiss for Dinner

Saturday Evening

6:30— Concert Prayer led by Lay Ministers & Newly  Called

 Scripture Reading (Eph. 4:11-16) by Kevin Dudley

6:35— Bilingual Congregational Singing led by Athens Spanish Church and Gutierrez Family (NC)

6:50— Offering for Guest Speaker

Offertory Music by AL Bluegrass Band

Special Song by Eric & Taylor Hendrix

7:00— Family Camp Report & Presentation, IYC reps announced by Josh and Britney Anders

7:10— Outreach Literature/General Evening Light Boost  by Aaron Muse Jr.

7:15— Youth Retreat Boost by Brandon Keel

7:20—  Special Songs by Jennifer Horn & Karen Keel

          VLBs dismissed to line up for March during these songs

7:25— VLB March & Boost by Trevor O’Dell

          VLBs, don’t forget your Church flags and signs!

7:40— Skit by Moulton Youth Life Team

7:55— Congregational Prayer led by Judy Denard, Gaynell Kent & senior members and ministry

8:00— Message by Robert J. Hawkins

8:40— Healing Line directed by Erik Miller

Healing/Altar Singing led by Cassie O’Dell

Sunday Morning

10:00— Concert Prayer led by Licensed Evangelists & Certified Teachers

Scripture Reading (Matt.16:13-19) by Betty  Bishop

10:05— Congregational Singing (one song each) led by  Sherry Allen and Deborah Blackwood

10:15— Sunday School Boost by Glenn Hendrix

10:25— Special Song by Wanda Booth  

10:30— ABM Boost by Tammy Kaufman

Moment of Silence, Honoring Ministry and Elder Members, Offering

10:50— Children’s Presentation led by Susan Mason

11:05— Message by Robert J. Hawkins

11:40— Special Song by Sharon Baughn

11:45— Testimonies—Gary Puckett and others

11:50— Special Prayer for the General Assembly, Final Comments and Appointments by State

Overseer; Prayer for Appointees by Headquarters Representative, Announcements

12:15— Official Close of Convention     

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