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Alex City




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This has been a very difficult time for the Canaan folks, as we have lost Brother Bill Ricker to death. He will be deeply missed by his church friends, church family, neighborhood friends and his family. I ask that you be much in prayer for Sister Kat Ricker, her two daughters, Janet and Shelly, and their families, Sister Kat and Brother Bill’s brothers and sisters and families as the healing process begins. I heard the family say time and time again, “It's ok, he's where he wants to be.” The outpouring of love, flowers and food from our churches, friends and family were just fantastic. The love of God shined at the time it was needed most. I wish I could name all the churches and people who helped in any way, but right now I just don't know everyone who did. Sister Kat will work on that soon.

Some very special thanks go to Brother Werkheiser, who delivered a fantastic message for the funeral, Brother Herman Ard for his kind words in prayer, Sister Connie Wilson for her kind words, and Brother James Horne for his loving graveside words. A thank you to Brother Oscar Pimentel, General Overseer, and his family for attending, and to Sister Betty Bishop, Brother Jeremy Wallace and his wife for visiting Brother Bill at home. You will never know the impact you made on this family and on the people who were there. I believe the words I heard most often were, “They must have really loved Bill” or “How sweet!” Your prayers and thoughtfulness really meant more than you know for the family. God bless you all! And again, thank you.

One last thing—he had a very humorous side, so let me leave you with this...

Uncle Bill saying: “I was roadin' down the walk one day when this big ole bark came up and was doggin' at me, so I reached down in my tail, and cut of his knife!”

—Rick Flippo, Reporter


Greetings from Bessemer!

It’s hard to believe another year has already come and gone! Seeing as how our schedules around here never seem to change, I guess saying that this has been a busy month for us kind of goes without being said. This past weekend was the Couples Retreat sponsored by FL/GA, SC, and AL. I didn’t go, but two couples from our local church were able to attend and they said Brother & Sister Hays did a great job. There were great classes to help the couples focus on having stronger, godly marriages, stronger, godly families, and stronger, godly churches. Ladies Retreat is this following weekend and several of the ladies from Bessemer will be attending. Can’t wait to hear the testimonies and see the results!

—Francie Cox, Reporter

Alex City

One of the highlights for us was a beautiful Christmas program with eight visitors. Sister Karen Keel did a great job putting together the program and we had good fellowship afterwards.

We also enjoyed attending the Goodwater revival with the Sheltons and are preparing as of this writing for them to hold revival January 22-24 in Alex City.

Thank God for a sincere visitor we had Sunday night. He had to travel a long way to church—all the way from next door. Pray for Tim, that God will establish him in the Lord and that we can instruct him in God’s Word and will. He walked to the church yard after Sunday morning's service while we were picking up pine cones. He told us God had been working on his heart and he wanted to attend service. Tim came Sunday night and was a blessing to us.

—Tammy Kaufman, Reporter


Hello from the Goodwater bunch!

So, here we are embarking a brand new year. We have no idea what this new years holds.We didn’t get a practice run or a preview.We haven’t been here before.

“...for ye have not passed this way heretofore” (Josh. 3:4).

We started off right with a good ol’ winter revival with the Sheltons from January 4th–Jan 10th.family continues to bless us. We also gave Taylor Hendrix a baby shower. It’s almost time to meet that little one!

Despite these joyous times, some of the people at Goodwater are enduring some heavy burdens and weights for various reasons, and in all of that brings pressure and grief. It’s not said that Satan would not form and launch weapons against us or that they wouldn’t touch us. The Bible does say no weapon against us shall prosper. It shall not accomplish it's intended purpose. The “weapon” knocked some off their feet but this is the biggest mistake the devil makes. When we are knocked off our feet we fall to our knees and when we fall to our knees we touch heaven. Hell trembles when we touch heaven. Even if the whole society is upside down we can still live right-side up.

“For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” (1 John 5:4).

Pray for all of us at Goodwater when you pray.you.

—Josh Tenold, Reporter