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Within The Church of God the word gleaners is used in reference to children up to the age of twelve. It is within the Gleaner Band that early training of our children begins. In the Gleaner Band services in the local church, children are taught to worship, pray, give in offerings, and be of service to God and His Church. The funds raised by the Gleaners help in raising Victory Leader Band funds. When children are present, every local church should be having regular Gleaner services in conjunction with the Victory Leaders service.

From Our State Children’s Ministries Coordinator

Theme: The Bible–God’s Holy Word

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psa. 119:105).

There are many things to learn from and about the Bible. Some of them are:

* The oldest man in the Bible was named Methuselah. He was ___________ years old when he died (Gen. 5:27).

* The tallest man in the Bible was ___________. How tall was he? ___________         (1 Sam. 17:4).

* The shortest verse in the Bible contains how many words? ___________  (John 11:25).

* The longest verse in the Bible contains how many words? ___________ (Esther 8:9).

* How many books are in the Old Testament?

* The giant Goliath was killed by a young boy named ___________ with one ___________ (1 Sam. 17:48-50).

Let’s continue learning the Old Testament books below. I hope you’re doing well with them. We are almost through the Old Testament! Remember to read your Bible every day to learn more. Have a good month, children. God bless you.

State Children’s Ministry Coordinator,

Susan Mason

9. 1 Samuel

10. 2 Samuel

11. 1 Kings

12. 2 Kings

13. 1 Chronicles

14. 2 Chronicles

15. Ezra

16. Nehemiah

17. Esther

18. Job

19. Psalms

20. Proverbs

21. Ecclesiastes

22. Song of Solomon

23. Isaiah

24. Jeremiah

25. Lamentations

26. Ezekiel

27. Daniel

28. Hosea

29. Joel

30. Amos

31. Obadiah

32. Jonah