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Tammy Kaufman

State ABM Coordinator

2017-2018 Theme:

The Assembly Band Movement is the Church's department of pastoral care, and its purpose is to see that each member of The Church of God is shown the proper care.

From Our State ABM Coordinator

I’m excited to start a new year with the theme, “All Things Common.” I want to encourage everyone to pray for the backsliders and strays in your local church. Our General ABM Coordinator has asked us to make November “Homecoming Month.” This means to spend extra time praying and fasting for the backsliders and strays to be restored. Sometimes they may get lost in the shuffle or maybe even forgotten because it has been so long. Remember them a little extra this month and try very hard to make contact.we can see some souls come back home. That would be so wonderful.

A couple of weeks ago Bessemer had an ABM workshop. There were some good things shared there that I intend to pass along in future issues of the state paper and in my boosts around the state, which I intend to start making soon.

Remember to pay your State Insurance, Emergency Dollars, and to bless your pastor in offerings and poundings. Please keep praying for our sick members around the state. Love our State Overseer and family—encourage them with an extra $20 in the 4th Sunday State Overseer’s Expense offering to help them travel around the state. God bless you!

State ABM Coordinator,

Tammy Kaufman