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Tammy Kaufman

State ABM Coordinator

2016-2017 Theme:

The Assembly Band Movement is the Church's department of pastoral care, and its purpose is to see that each member of The Church of God is shown the proper care.

From Our State ABM Coordinator

I'm so glad to be serving with you all another year. I love the ABM. Lord willing, now that we aresettled, I will be able to visit all the churches over this next year.

Alabama is% in Emergency Dollars. YEAH!!!! Praise the Lord. We were 22 short at Convention, or a total of $110, but you were all more than willing to make the state 100% and gave $130. That is great! Thank you. Also, thank you for the great offering for our beloved State Overseer. We were able to bless the Horne family with an amazing offering of nearly $2,000 in cash and over $400 in gift cards, for a total of $2,486.84. PRAISE GOD!

As we finish up this Assembly year, let’s remember the theme our General ABM leader gave us of “Brother’s Keeper.” Let’s be loving and continue to hold each other up in prayer and be accountable so together we can be a step closer to the perfection of the Church. Let us help our brothers in time of hardship and in time of rejoicing. God Bless you all. See you at the Assembly.

State ABM Coordinator,

Tammy Kaufman