Bishop Jerry Cox

Meet our Overseer

Brother Jerry Cox has been an active minister since 2007 when he was first ordained as a deacon. He says, "I had worked around The Church of God for many years. My family and I were very active in the Church work in our state. There was a definite need for male ministers in our area to take care of Church business. Being a deacon basically fit how I functioned and supported the work. Little did I know that as I continued to work for the Lord and accept responsibilities that a few years later I would be ordained as a bishop."

Brother Cox functioned as a District Overseer in Florida for multiple years and was appointed to pastor a church in Palatka, FL in 2015. It was during this time that he began to strongly feel that God was going to direct him to a different ministry. He willingly submitted to God and quit his secular job of over thirty years.

After a time of prayer, the Lord opened the opportunity for Brother Cox to move to Alabama and was appointed to pastor the congregation in Bessemer, Alabama in 2016. He was also appointed as the District Overseer for District #3.

At the General Assembly of The Church of God in 2018, Brother Cox was appointed to be the State Overseer of Alabama.

God has blessed Brother Cox with a wonderful, loving wife (Betsy) and has also blessed their marriage with eight children, four daughters-in-law and one son-in-law: Beau (Charity), Josh (Brittany), Nathan (Rebekah), Caleb (Katie), Noah, Mary Frances (Michael), Ruthanne, and Abigail as well as eleven grandchildren.