Our Ministries

The Auxiliaries of the Church are “helps” as found in 1 Corinthians 12:28. They have been given by the Lord for specific purposes to help build this great last days work. The Holy Ghost reminded us in the General Assembly of 1998, that He has, “given [us] the tools” and that these are “for our good.” He told us to “use them and see [Him] build the Church” through our efforts. The Lord continued that, “…time is short-you must work what plan that I have given you.” Seeing that these have been a blessing for so many years and that the Holy Ghost desires their use, they  remain unchanged and are helps used today in our local churches around the World. We are thankful for each auxiliary and additional ministry in operation within The Church of God today.

Assembly Band Movement
Bible Training Institute
Church of Prophecy Marker Association
Sunday School
Victory Leaders Band
Women's Missionary Band